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Bethlehem Apparatus Announces Launch of New Responsive Website

Bethlehem Apparatus' new website is responsive, optimized for viewing on any sized device

Bethlehem Apparatus’ new website is responsive, optimized for viewing on any sized device.

Bethlehem Apparatus, a commercial mercury waste recovery and recycling company, has announced today the launch of a newly designed company website, which provides visitors with important company information including services and capabilities. The new website is a responsive design, optimized for viewing on any device or screen size to fit a growing mobile audience.

“We have updated the look and feel of our site to represent a more modern brand and suit our audience regardless of the device they are using,” said Eve Metzger, President at Bethlehem Apparatus, “Whether on a tablet or mobile device, our visitors will be able to access the important service information they need, and can easily connect with Bethlehem Apparatus through new forms and phone links.”

In addition, the new site offers expanded information regarding the 2013 Mercury Export Ban and how it may affect the waste disposal needs of Bethlehem Apparatus’ customers. The new “Knowledge Center” features updated information on mercury contamination as well as links to the EPA and other government sites containing official guidelines for the ban.

Bethlehem Apparatus Company, Inc. is a commercial mercury recycling company, specializing in mercury waste recovery, recycling, and retirement. The company’s 150,000 square foot facility includes 25 high vacuum waste retorts, a continuous feed retort, eight quadruple distillation systems and a 600-ton Calomel processing plant.

To see the newly designed site or learn more about Bethlehem Apparatus mercury recovery services or products, visit the company’s website at