Mercury Filing Operation
Our system provides accurate, simultaneous filling of two 76lb flasks – up to 500 flasks/week

Quadruple Distilled Virgin Mercury – 99.9995% Pure

Only from Bethlehem Apparatus comes the highest purity vacuum quadruple distilled virgin mercury. We are a reliable source of metallic mercury for a wide variety of users including chlorine/caustic soda, switch, semi-conductor, fluorescent light and dental amalgam manufacturers, research laboratories, and the process and control industries.

Bethlehem Apparatus features the best in purity, packaging and service:

  • Over 10 (ten) million pounds shipped
  • Vacuum Quadruple Distilled to produce the highest purity virgin mercury needed in crystal growth technology systems and other high purity applications
  • Guaranteed & certified 99.9995% pure
  • Packaged in Glass, Polyethylene, Virgin Steel and Stainless Steel containers
  • Domestic shipping capability

We clean our mercury by distilling it four times in continuous stages under high vacuum and controlled low temperatures to achieve the highest commercial grade of mercury available. Actual chemical analysis shows that the purity of our distilled virgin mercury is at least 99.9999%. While we believe that it has the potential for higher purity, it cannot be measured by conventional means. Bethlehem’s distilled virgin mercury is equivalent to prime virgin mercury and meets the following standards:

  • ACS (Amercian Chemical Society) Grade
  • MCT Grade (crystal growth)
  • Dental Grade
  • Reagent Grade
  • Instrument Grade

A Certificate of Analysis is provided with each shipment.

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