• Mercury Waste Recovery / Recycling
  • Mercury Compounds & Solutions
  • 1000 Tons/Year Capacity

Advanced high vacuum retort systems are designed to process over 200 types of mercury wastes. More...

  • Patented Process
  • Suitable for Land Disposal
  • Retires Mercury from Future Use

Patented sulfide treatment technology and retort processing renders mercury suitable for land disposal. More...

  • Calomel / HgCl Conversion
  • Activated Charcoal Processing
  • Mercury Retirement / Stabilization

A leader in mercury waste processing and disposal for mining by-products generated worldwide. More...


Click below for instructions on sending material for recovery, retirement or long-term storage including obtaining approvals and ordering shipping containers.


Learn more about U.S. Government, EPA and State mercury waste regulations to help you assess and meet your environmental responsibilities.