The Most Advanced Process Technology in the Industry

Using the most advanced process technology in the mercury recycling industry, Bethlehem Apparatus can process a wide variety of solid and liquid mercury bearing wastes. Our advanced microprocessor controlled high vacuum retort systems are designed to process over 200 different types of mercury wastes. With over 60 years experience in the recycling of mercury wastes, we have the expertise to solve even the most difficult mercury disposal problems. Our professional staff provides customized solutions for the management and processing of just about any type of mercury waste – solid or liquid. Our mercury recovery operations and capabilities include:

  • 25 Advanced programmable high vacuum retorts with a capacity of over seven tons per day
  • 4 HgS Units with 40 ton per year capacity, Expandable to 15 units for 1,000 tons per year HgS production
  • 600 Ton Calomel processing plant
  • Over 50,000 sq. ft. of storage capacity
  • Ability to handle large volume requirements

Bethlehem Apparatus’ retorts satisfy the RMERC (retorting) requirements of the EPA’s waste treatment regulations. In addition, our processing facilities are approved by the EPA, CERCLA, the PA Dept. of Environmental Protection and a majority of Fortune 500 companies.

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