Mercury Waste Recovery / Recycling Services Pricing

New, Lower Pricing from Bethlehem Apparatus!

As a result of the 2013 export ban, Bethlehem Apparatus has shifted its corporate focus from elemental mercury sales to its mercury recovery / recycling business. We now have ability to handle larger volume requirements including bulk shipments of material in roll-off containers. Our goal is to be #1 in the mercury recovery industry.

Advantages of Our Mercury Recovery / Recycling Service:

  • We are Experts at Solving Mercury Disposal Problems – Bethlehem Apparatus has over 50 years’ experience helping the world’s largest hazardous waste disposal, mining and industrial companies meet their environmental responsibilities regarding mercury wastes. We regularly work with disposal coordinators, environmental managers and waste managers to help manage their disposal needs.
  • We Accept Both 55 Gallon Drums and Roll-off Containers – We are no longer limited to just 55 gallon drums and are now accepting all sizes of roll-off containers (dumpsters) as well. We also offer 76 lb. and 2204 lb. containers for shipping elemental (liquid) mercury.
  • No Charges for Storing Recovered Mercury – Some of our competitors require that customers store the recovered mercury with them and charge a storage fee for it which could be raised in the future. Because Bethlehem Apparatus still has a 50 ton per year domestic market for recovered mercury, we do not need to store recovered mercury.
  • We Take Ownership of the Recovered Mercury – With competitors’ services the customer still has ultimate ownership of the stored mercury and the liability risk associated with it. In addition, they could force the customer to take it back at some point in the future.

Mercury Recovery / Recycling Services:

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