Bethlehem Apparatus

Environmentally Responsible, Experienced & Safe

One of the Most Advanced Analytical Laboratories in the Lehigh Valley Area.

As a further commitment to the hazardous waste recovery / recycling market, we offer a state-of-the art analytical laboratory with a full time chemist on staff. This on-site testing capability allows us to accurately provide a full analysis of the chemical compositon of both liquids and solids. As a result we are able to improve processing methods as well as meet environmental and government requlations.

Our lab facilities feature:

  • GDMS (Glow Discharge Mass Spectrophotometer) - to analyze solids
  • ICP-MS (Inductively Coupled Plasma mass Spectrophotometer) - to analyze liquids. Provides full analysis of elements that exist in material.
  • Particle Analyzer – to analyze particle sizes of powders.
Glow Discharge Mass Spectrophotometer
Glow Discharge Mass Spectrophotometer insures accurate analysis of mercury containing compounds.