Activated Carbon Processing

activated carbon processing

The mining industry as well as many other industries are faced with increasingly stringent pollution control requirements. Many of the system employed to control pollution use sulfur treated activated carbon to remove mercury vapor from both water and air streams. Bethlehem Apparatus now processes these materials in our modified single stage retorts which have a … Read more

Calomel/Mercury Chloride (HgCl) Conversion

calomel mercury chloride conversion

Bethlehem Apparatus is continually developing new systems and specialized mercury processing equipment to meet the need of our clients. One such system was developed in response to a need in the mining industry for a cost-effective method of disposing of calomel, a mercury-bearing by-product generated from pollution control equipment using the Norzink process. After consultation … Read more

Mercury and Oil Separation Technology

mercury and oil separation technology

Waste oil generated from the mercury retort process presented us with a unique waste disposal problem. We had waste oil which also from time to time would contain trace amounts of PCB’s. To properly separate the oil and PCB’s from mercury we solved the problem by using a set of centrifuges. The primary centrifuge separates … Read more

Mercury Pump Recycling

mercury pump recycling

One of the world’s largest pump manufacturers turned to Bethlehem Apparatus for a solution concerning mercury. Large pumps containing mercury seals posed both a disposal and a refurbishing problem. Due to the high cost of replacement pumps they wanted a way to refurbish existing pumps without the environmental problems and liability of dealing with mercury. … Read more

Mercury Compounds and Solutions

mercury compounds and solutions

Bethlehem Apparatus processes a variety of mercury compounds and solutions that many of our competitors are not able to handle. These include inorganic compounds, salts, and solutions like COD vial waste, oxides, chlorides, and nitrates. We use a specially designed reaction vessel which uses a chemical process to convert the waste prior to retorting. The … Read more

Municipal Waste Water Treatment

municipal waste water treatment

All of our municipal waste water goes to the City of Bethlehem’s waste water treatment plant. By statute we are not permitted to discharge any water that contains more than 4 parts per billion of mercury. Bethlehem Apparatus developed special water purification systems for both our Bethlehem and Hellertown plants. Most analysis performed by the … Read more