Calomel/Mercury Chloride (HgCl) Conversion

Bethlehem Apparatus is continually developing new systems and specialized mercury processing equipment to meet the need of our clients. One such system was developed in response to a need in the mining industry for a cost-effective method of disposing of calomel, a mercury-bearing by-product generated from pollution control equipment using the Norzink process. After consultation with Universal Dynamics of Vancouver, B.C., Bethlehem Apparatus developed and built a proprietary calomel processing system.

Bethlehem’s unique process converts calomel HgCI into elemental mercury and waste salt water. The process uses a chemical conversion step to convert calomel in to mercury/mercuric oxide followed by retort distillation of the chemical filtrate into elemental mercury. The chlorine removed is then disposed as non-hazardous salt water. Recovered elemental mercury is quadruple distilled and sold to industrial users. Process capacity is 600 tons per year.