Bethlehem Apparatus Announces New Lower Prices on Mercury Waste Recovery and Recycling Services

activated carbon processingBethlehem Apparatus, a commercial mercury waste recovery and recycling company, has announced new lower pricing on mercury waste recovery and recycling services. Expanded facilities and a focus on mercury recovery have enabled the company to reduce the price of its standard waste recovery service to $500/drum. In addition to lower pricing, Bethlehem Apparatus has increased its disposal options, now accepting both 55-gallon drums and roll-off containers of any size. To ship elemental (liquid) mercury for processing, Bethlehem offers 76 lb. and 2204 lb. containers. In an effort to streamline processing, the mercury waste handler has added 40,000 square feet of additional capacity and a state-of-the-art laboratory for testing and quality control.

“As a result of the recent mercury export ban, we’ve shifted our focus from elemental mercury sales to our mercury recovery and recycling services,” said Eve Metzger, President at Bethlehem Apparatus. “We have expanded our recovery facilities and disposal options to accommodate additional waste-processing equipment and storage, allowing us to provide our services at a lower price than previously offered.”

In addition, Metzger said that Bethlehem is unique in that they take ownership of the recovered mercury. “With competitors’ services the customer still has ownership of the stored mercury and the liability risk associated with it. Ultimately, they could force the customer to take it back at some point in the future.” Unlike other companies in this market, Bethlehem Apparatus does not charge a storage fee for the recovered mercury.

Newly expanded, Bethlehem Apparatus is the largest commercial mercury retirement, recycling, and recovery facility in North America. The 150,000 square feet facility consists of 25 high vacuum mercury waste retorts, a continuous feed florescent lamp glass retorts, eight quadruple distillation systems, and a Calomel processing plant.