Mercury Compounds and Solutions

Bethlehem Apparatus processes a variety of mercury compounds and solutions that many of our competitors are not able to handle. These include inorganic compounds, salts, and solutions like COD vial waste, oxides, chlorides, and nitrates. We use a specially designed reaction vessel which uses a chemical process to convert the waste prior to retorting. The system has a daily capacity of 50 gallons.

Mercury Salts & Compounds

  • Mercuric Acetate
  • Mercuric Bromide
  • Mercuric Bromide
  • Mercuric Chloride
  • Mercuric Chloride (ammoniated)
  • Mercuric Iodate
  • Mercuric Iodide
  • Mercuric Nitrate
  • Mercuric Oxide
  • Mercuric Sulfate
  • Mercuric Sulfide
  • Mercurous Bromide
  • Mercurous Chloride (calomel)
  • Mercurous Iodide
  • Mercurous Nitrate
  • Mercurous Oxide
  • Mercurous Sulfate
  • Kelpak

Liquids & Solutions

  • COD test solutions
  • Mercury solutions
  • Nessler’s reagent
  • Water contaminated with mercury